6 Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

With the tough competition in real estate these days, the ability to stand out from the pack is crucial. This is where effective marketing strategies come in handy. However, as a real estate investor and professional, trying to figure out which strategy works and what doesn’t is time-consuming.

When it comes to rolling out a marketing strategy, the goal is to pick the ones that will increase your chances of generating leads and exposure to more potential clients.

What are the best marketing strategies for real estate investors?

Read on and learn more about the marketing strategies that will get you to where you want to be!

Leverage on social media

The internet is, without a doubt, the ultimate game-changer. Any type of business can benefit from the internet and social media. Be sure to make the most of this technology by advertising on social media channels. Post videos and photos of your properties across different social media platforms, or choose the top 3 platforms that work best for you. This will increase your exposure and the chances of getting responses from potential clients.

Use direct mail

While social media ads and marketing are helpful, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of direct mail. When it comes to purchasing decisions, a significant amount of consumers and customers consider printed marketing credible and trustworthy. With direct mail, you can easily stand out from the crowd without worrying too much about analytics. What’s nice about direct mail is that it is tangible. It is something that can be felt and touched. Because it is physical, it instantly creates a bond between a potential client and your business. This increases their likelihood to do business with you.

When launching a direct mail campaign, be sure to choose your target audience. Be as specific as possible when creating your list. Also, take note that sending direct mail isn’t only done to get some information across. It is done to trigger an action, which is why the most important part of a flyer is the call to action component. Once the campaign is launched, be keen in tracking your results. This will help you identify the areas that can be improved for your next campaign.

Build a network of relationships

Building a network of relationships is one of the best ways to market your real estate business. Be sure to target the people involved in the real estate market. These include brokers, appraisers, attorneys, lenders and contractors.

Also, leverage public relations. Make use of the internet and social media to get PR placements across to your target audience. This will help you maintain a consistent market presence. It will also leave an impression on the market about who you are and what you can do for them.

Bank on client testimonials

If there’s any marketing money can’t buy, it would be the testimonials from happy and satisfied clients. Make use of them when marketing your real estate business. True stories from customers can go a long way in helping establish your reputation in the market.

Target motivated sellers

Motivated sellers are every investor’s dream. Motivated sellers are the ones who are willing to agree to almost any terms they are offered simply because they are in a rush to sell their properties. While they have the potential to make big profits for real estate investors, this type of seller can be a bit difficult to find. One of the best ways to do that is to acquire a list of the people who are behind on their payments. These individuals are the ones who are more likely going to sell their properties due to their situation. Once you have targeted these sellers, reach out to them and let them know how you can help take the financial burden off their hands.

Make sure your brand is well represented

Make sure your real estate business is found all over the place when people do a local search for investors. Utilize SEO, social media, local business listings and online forums to establish an online presence. Online brand representation will help people discover your business and help establish their trust.

Marketing strategies are crucial to any business. However, deploying the right strategies is key to help you get business success. If you are a real estate investor, these are some effective marketing strategies you can consider for your business.

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Brandon Boyd