Mark Explains Why You Should Work With Us! Colorado Style!

How a day in Colorado can change your life!

Many of you dream of becoming a successful real estate investor, but have no idea where to begin.

When I first started, my biggest problem was finding a mentor. There were none at that time so I learned EVERYTHING by the seat of my pants!

I do NOT recommend this style of learning! I’m truly that one-in-a-million person who figured it out with a lot of help from The Home Depot and its “how to” classes! In my innocence, I actually thought decorating and rehabbing were the same thing…lol.

It truly is a miracle that I became such a success!

Soon after I became a real estate investor, God started putting it on my heart to teach others. At first I was like, “God, I have only done a few deals myself. How can I teach others?” God assured me that if I would teach others how a broke, single mom with no experience can do it, it would encourage others to do it, too.

I began teaching small classes in South Florida, soon people heard about me and starting asking me to teach at their REIA, and next thing you know – I’m teaching all over the country! It has been a crazy ride to say the least!

Now, my family owns the Colorado REIA and we teach people across the country how to become superstar investors.

Meet MARK who lives in California and recently trained with us in our “hands-on” Apprentice Program. We actually fly to YOUR area and work with you for two days at YOUR house or office. It’s Incredible!

We are the ONLY “hands-on” real estate trainers in the country.

What is the major benefit of this type of personal training – YOUR LEARNING CURVE IS CUT BY 20 YEARS! You don’t start at the bottom of the investing pool. You start where we are now and go UP from there!

Listen to Mark and if this seems like something you want to do, call our office at 303-838-5474 for details on how you can apply for this training. We limit our Apprentice Training to 50 investors a year!

Dwan Bent-Twyford