How to Build an Award Winning Fireplace Using Left-Over Wood!

Do you want to build a Fireplace that will knock people over? Most rehabbers seem to do the same old, same old thing. Replace the kitchen, update the baths, update the basics, and put the property back on the market.

Investors, when are you going to get with the program and start making some million dollar upgrades that cost next to nothing?

We bought this cute, cottage-style property that sits directly on a year-round stream. It had a very old-fashioned fireplace that was built in the 60’s from outdated river rock.

Will Twyford pulled out all of the scrape wood we had left over (which most rehabbers would have thrown into the dumpster), laid it on the floor, moved wood around a few times, measured, measured again and then…BOOM…build this amazing fireplace!

All it takes to make your rehab POP is a little imagination!

When you walk into this house, the fireplace is the first thing you see, so it was important for us to make it the center-piece of the room. The house is small so the open room and French Doors add visual space.

We also re-designed the kitchen, the upper floor is now one giant Master Suite, and the place is amazing!

Most investors replace whatever was in a space with a new thing that is exactly the same. Don’t put the new kitchen right back where the old kitchen was. Redesign it and make it modern and amazing.

Don’t put the bathroom items exactly where they were. Dig up the concrete floor and redesign the space. Use your imagination to make your rehabs sell quickly.

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Do you want to be a top investor in the Denver Real Estate Market? You have definitely come to the right place!

Dwan Bent-Twyford