Colorado REIA Membership and Benefits

Welcome to the Colorado REIA! We are thrilled you stopped by!

We are three very successful real estate investors who will be your guides on this wonderful adventure. The Denver real estate market is on fire! You are right on time!

Each of us bring a different skill-set to the table which is why Colorado REIA is the best REIA in the country.

While many REIA’s have a difficult time finding speakers who can train and educate you, we bring to the table a total of almost 75 YEARS of experience! We will be your trainers, educators, mentors, and will ensure that you have a successful real estate investing business.

Do you want to be a successful real estate investor? Are you unsure who to follow? Is your consumer confidence down? Have you invested your hard-earned money into “so-called real estate guru’s” only to be let down? Do you want to know how to make money investing in real estate?

Meet the Colorado REIA! We are your mentors, here to help you on this amazing journey you’ve embarking upon!

Learn how to:

  • Make money investing in real estate
  • Invest in foreclosure properties
  • Do quick flips
  • Know the latest real estate investing strategies
  • Have the latest property investing information
  • Know when a property is a good deal
  • Know when to walk away from what looks like a good quick-turn real estate deal, but actually isn’t
  • Know that you know that you have the best real estate coaches and mentors by your side
  • Know how to flip foreclosures
  • Attend the best Short Sale® classes
  • Become a full-time foreclosure flipper
  • Receive the best real estate investing courses, seminars, webinars, and live trainings
  • And much, much more!!

The Colorado REIA is ran like a well-oiled ship: Classes on how to handle finances, how to spot a great deal, topics that will be life-altering to your career, an honest and trustworthy team.  In fact, we can guarantee that this REIA will change your life – IF YOU LISTEN TO US and DO AS WE SAY!

We come from a place of ethics and experience. There isn’t a REIA in the country that can boast over 2,500 deals between its owners, 75 years of experience, FOUR best-sellers, and thousands of hours of training others how to become successful, too!

Our goal is simple: We are Rebuilding America One Family at a Time™ and your family is next! Let us help you become the millionaire you have always wanted to be!